Winter by Marissa Meyer

Typically, when I have to wait for a long while between books in a series, I lose interest and drop it. But I am glad that I powered through to finish Meyer’s Lunar Chronicals (minus Fairest, which is still on my list). With this last book, it became very clear that Meyer had a solid, entertaining, […]

Book Challenge 2016

So, here we go: another year, another challenge. This year, though, my lovely friend Rosie (who blogs at Ramble Ramble Rosie and writes much better reviews than I) and I smartened up. We looked at our To be Read piles (or shall we call them pillars?) and tailored ourselves a mighty fine little reading list: A […]

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Read. Not reviewed.  |  Movies. By title. A   B               C                      D                E   F     G            H    J       K        L         M               N    O     P    R             S                T V […]

Books. By author.

Read. Not reviewed.  |  Movies. By title. A   B             C               D                E   F     G            H    J       K       L        M              N    O     P    R             S               V   W […]

Bookish Alphabet

This seemed like fun, so I stole it from HiddenStaircase. It’s rather self explanatory. Author You’ve Read The Most Books From Either Janet Evanovich or Sandra Brown. Don’t judge me. I am a voracious reader of all sorts. Best Sequel Ever A Wolf at the Table by Augusten Burroughs. Though technically not a sequel, it was the second book of his that I read about […]