2 Simple Rules That Great Readers Live By (But Never Tell)

I won’t often reblog things to this site, but this article is true to the way I purchase and read books. And I like it.

Thought Catalog

Sebastien WiertzSebastien Wiertz

The two most important traits for a prolific reader to have probably aren’t what you’d expect.

But it is these two attributes which separate the well-read from the “Oh, I wish I could read more” types–and the very different lives that result from those choices.

The first trait is controversial. I know that as soon as I say it, there is going to be a ton of pushback. Before we get into why those objections are easily surmountable, let’s get into it.

Great readers buy the books that look interesting to them. Period.

In other words, they don’t waste time previewing, shopping, waiting for deals or anything like that. They have a stack of books they’re working through on their night stand or in their Kindle. They don’t let money or work or all that great stuff on TV–or anything, frankly–get in the way of the books they…

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