What else am I to do?

It’s 10pm on a Saturday. Obviously now is the perfect time to start reading an 850 page novel about romance and time travel. Outlander. Signed.

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to which number this fulfills on my book challenge?

Update. I’ve finished. It was amazing. It could have fulfilled five numbers on my challenge:

No 1. A book you own but haven’t read. I’ve had this book since my parents visited last June. Diana Gabaldon is my mom’s favourite author, so Mom and I went to hear her read while she was in town promoting her latest book in this series. I had not read her books before, and had no interest in reading them, but Mom thought that I since I was meeting her I needed a book for her to sign, so she bought me Outlander.

No 10. A book set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visitScotland is on my bucket list. Since reading the book, Scotland in the mid 1700s is on my bucket list.

No 13. A book with a female heroine. Claire Randall/Beauchamp/Fraser. Enough said.

No 25. A book that is more than ten years old. Outlander was first published in 1991. Apparently she started writing it on March 6, 1988 which was 49 days after my birth.

But ultimately, it goes to

No 4. A book your friend loves. My mom was my first friend (we met 49 days before DG started this book). And she wouldn’t stop badgering me to read this. And she bought it for me. So it’s No. 4.


4 responses to “What else am I to do?”

  1. LOVE this book and the series! And you scored an autographed copy? I’m slightly envious!☺️☺️☺️

    1. She’s my mom’s favourite author and was in town the last time my parents visited. Mom thought since we were waiting in line to get her copy signed that she might as well buy the first one for me to have signed. I’m glad she did!

  2. Bookspursesandshoes

    It would be #1 on my list, but last on yours 😉 Can’t put it down, eh!?

    1. Holy crap! It’s so good! Also, I think it would be #24 on your list, not #1. Silly. https://beingtori.com/2015/01/14/challenge-accepted/

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