This Godforsaken Place by Cinda Gault

Want to read a really fantastic review of a really fantastic book? Thanks to Naomi over at Consumed by Ink, you can!

Consumed by Ink

It is 1885, and Abigail Peacock wishes she had never come to this Godforsaken place (otherwise known as Northwestern Ontario).

No matter how much I want to deny it, I had to admit that I was inescapably trapped, bayed in this Godforsaken place, and brought to my knees with the despair of it.

After Abigail’s mother dies in England, she and her father decide to come to Canada to make a new life, like so many others. Abigail’s father gets sick, and she spends her days nursing her father and teaching the other men in the sparsely populated settlement English.

Mother found happiness elusive because she avoided risk. I became the adventurer and still nothing made me happy. I exasperated myself. Maybe happiness was not what I thought it was.

Then she buys a gun, and her world changes. For the first time in her life, she longs to get…

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2 responses to “This Godforsaken Place by Cinda Gault”

    1. It’s a great review! I really like your list of comparisons between you and Abigail, and your list of things you liked.

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