My friends are awesome

I’m super glad that of the millions of blogs out there, y’all are following my blog—you’re blowing up my ego to an almost insufferable size. So to counteract, I want to share with you some pretty ding dang darn radical (as in awesome, not crazy) blogs belonging to my friends:

I am a writer who rambles. Go figure. This blog is {mostly} about books, publishing, and all that fascinates me in between! —Rosie

Well, well well. Aren’t you lucky to have stumbled upon my blog! As you’ll soon learn, I’m judgmental, and a bit of an asshole. Love it or hate it, these posts are my unfiltered reactions to popular books and movies. Good luck, and enjoy!—Kendra


I am a creative writing student at Capilano University; lover of words, art, fashion, travel, the outdoors and life. Available for copy and freelance writing. —Mikhaila

Kate Scallion

I am an editor and writer based out of Victoria, British Columbia, although I’ll always call Nova Scotia home. When I’m not working, I enjoy being outside, running, biking, and skiing; baking and eating cookies (and other food, too); reading; travelling; and indulging in cheesy television shows. —Kate

Pete Kohut

Over the years his drawings and paintings (oil on canvas) have moved through a series of stylistic and theoretical explorations without ever veering away from a distinctive, highly recognizable personal aesthetic that has been, perhaps, most deeply concerned with representation of the human form. —Pete

Hi.  I’m Sydney Jane Barnes.  Or just Sydney. I am a 24-year-old self-taught designer/illustrator from the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. I tend to do things that I love regardless of anything else. —Sydney

Design junkie. Book hoarder. Local music supporter. Keen volunteer. Whitecaps FC member. Half-marathon runner. Outdoors enthusiast. Vancouver devotee. Sartorial opiner. SadMag Web Editor. MPub candidate. Wields red pen with panache. Amanda

I create ebooks and websites. I build marketing campaigns. I have strong opinions about publishing and technology. Hi, my name is Alex Sutcliffe. —Alex

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 9.46.28 PM

Alexandra Forman Artistry doesn’t have a biography or an about me page, but take it from me—she’s an incredibly talented makeup artist. And since she would never say “HEY HIRE ME”, I’m going to say “Hey, hire her.”

These are my friends. They’re all talented, they’re all cool. Be kind, rewind (and/or follow).


One response to “My friends are awesome”

  1. Aw, shucks. You are so lovely! Now I have even more blogs to check out too!

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