Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess)


I loved so many things about this book. First: LOOK at the cover and endpapers. It’s hard not to instantly love a book that puts a smile on your face just by looking at the cover, and then makes you laugh out loud before you read even a single word. Second: The Bloggess is hilarious even when writing about ‘horrible things’—I laughed through the serious bits and absolutely howled through the funny bits. Third: Because my friend Rosie suggested that we read this book at the same time so we could cry-laugh about it afterwards, I decided to keep a running list of things that made me physically burst out laughing. THAT LIST IS SO LONG THAT I HAD TO RESORT TO WRITING DOWN THINGS THAT LITERALLY MADE ME SNIFFLE WITH TEARS OF HILARITY. There’s a bit about a swan attack that made me laugh so hard I almost hacked up a lung. Fourth: Every single time she talks about her mother it reminds me of my mother… there’s even a bit about dusting that could honestly be a quote straight from her lips. Fifth: Her chapter headings… you’ll see when you read it, because you will read it. Sixth: Victor is the kind of man I hope I end up with. Seventh: To live your life in a way that makes you furiously happy is a pretty genius way to live. Eighth: She makes it sound like it’s perfectly normal to have not one, but two taxidermied raccoons with maniacal grins, one of which is posable. Ninth: She named her cats Hunter S. Thomcat and Ferris Mewler, and she wants a cat named The President and a pony named Pony Danza. Tenth: She makes up words for fun, includes notes from her editor, and admonishes spell check for being racist. Eleventh: She worries over what would happen if spiders became currency, which made me think of this essay by David Thorne, which made me laugh even harder. Twelfth: Everything else.

No. 5 on my challenge. It’s about time, too. I waited all year to check this book off my list. It was so worth the wait.


One response to “Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess)”

  1. I think I have to read it just for the story about the swan attack. When the kids were smaller, we used to take them to a farm nearby that had a bunch of animals you could go around and visit. But, there was also this one black swan, and we were all terrified of it. We’d have to think up ingenious ways of getting by it without it seeing us. 🙂

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