Last night a very large spider came crawling out of my (still mostly packed) suitcase and hustled across my floor.


I’m not scared of spiders, so I thought that I would try to relocate it. But every time I picked it up or came close to trapping it, it would escape and skitter back towards my suitcase.


Obviously, I don’t want a huge spider hanging out in piles of my clean-yet-rifled-through clothing, lying in wait to scare the bejeesus out of me when I finally do unpack, so in the end I squished it with a frying pan, showed mild disgust at the spider guts goop I had to wipe off the bottom, and forgot all about it.


Then today at work I told a friend my story and she says, all nonchalantly, “I HOPE IT DIDN’T LAY EGGS IN YOUR SUITCASE.”


And now I have this note on my hand.


The end.



6 responses to “Ugh.”

  1. Oh Tori! You should write a book a funny one. Gramma

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    1. Thanks, Gma. But I’m not sure you’d be laughing if it happened to you!

    1. Right?! I was pretty much unconcerned until I thought it might be even the slightest bit possible that I’d have to find and destroy spider eggs in the hems and creases of my clothing.

      1. Ew. Blech. Patoie! I hope you don’t find any. Shudder.😕

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