Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

AnneofGreenGables.MontgomeryWhat more can be said of this delightful tale and its ineffable heroine than has already been said, or at least thought, by literally millions of readers over more than one hundred years and many generations? Anne (with an e) is captivating. I’ve always thought so. (And just look at this beautiful new edition from Sourcebooks Fire.)

No. 5 on my challenge. Grandma, do you remember the first time I read it? I think I was about twelve—we went to the library in the morning, and I spent the whole day lying on the spare bed reading it. I was so quiet that Grandpa kept coming in to check on me. (I suppose he was surprised I hadn’t been pounding away at the piano, or hadn’t asked him to play Checkers.)

ps. Most people my age probably would have chosen Harry Potter for this category… which is exactly what Rosie, my PIBC (partner in book challenge), did.


Don’t be afraid. I won’t smite you. Probably.

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