Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs

MagicalThinking.BurroughsIt’s been a while since I’ve delved into the insanely entertaining (and entertainingly insane) world of Augusten Burroughs and I am very glad to have revisited it. While his captivating memoirs each focus on certain eras in his life (Running with Scissors on his relationship with his mother and his time spent living with her crazy psychologist / Dry on the time leading up to and following his stint in rehab / A Wolf at the Table on his chilling relationship with his father), the ‘true stories’ in Magical Thinking focus on his everyday escapades. Much like his memoirs, these stories are wickedly funny, shockingly inappropriate and—thanks to his extreme vanity, considerable loquaciousness, and flair for the dramatic—leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.

No. 10 on my challenge. I only wish these short stories were longer.


Don’t be afraid. I won’t smite you. Probably.

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