Shameless publicist move

Hello, adoring fans,

I have so many things to tell you. I’ve finished reading books (but not nearly as many as I should have by now—Rosie is beating the pants off of me in our challenge), I’ve watched several movies (TARZAN!!!!!!), I’ve attended my graduation, I’ve travelled ACROSS THE WORLD, some of my best friends on the planet are visiting, I’m a week away from meeting my cousin’s first child (and boy, is she adorable), and my coworkers are currently setting up a party for me in our break room.

giphy (67)

But I’m going to have to get to all of that, because for my first post in more than a month, I’m going to be a shameless publicist.

giphy (68).gif

I’m starting a newsletter at work and I WANT YOUR EMAILS. I promise I won’t spam you. Issue numero uno is scheduled to go out September 1. After that they’ll arrive bright and shiny in your inbox in December, March and June. Cross my heart and hope to die, I won’t use your email for anything else. (Mom, Grandma, you are exempt from this statement. I’m going to email you all the time.) 

giphy (69).gif

Get ready for my sales pitch.

giphy (70).gif

If you want a sneak peek at our books each season, event news, recipes, author interviews, excerpts, and the chance to win free books, GO AHEAD AND SIGN UP! We’ll keep you posted. (If you click through to the form you can ignore the last paragraph of the preamble because, look at you, you’ve already read it!)

REMINDER: this is not a BeingTori newsletter (I’m not delusional). This is a TouchWood Editions and Brindle & Glass newsletter. As such, it will be approximately 4% less ridiculous than everything else I do. Gotta be professional.

Here you go. Sign up here. Do it now. Give me your email.

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Don’t be afraid. I won’t smite you. Probably.

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