You know what this movie does? It makes you laugh. Melissa McCarthy puts on some ridiculous head gear, you grin and blow air through your nostrils a little harder than usual. Kristin Wiig gets slimed by ghost after ghost, you gag, and you chuckle. Leslie Jones opens her mouth, you try unsuccessfully to commit her lines to memory while you LOL . (Ugh, I know. I’m sorry. I won’t do it ever again.) Kate McKinnon licks her guns, you narrowly save your popcorn from going overboard when you slap your knee in hilarity. Throw in the objectification of that Hemsworth bloke (who identified his character as “a Ken doll with the insides scooped out”), a “don’t take no shit from nobody—and that includes everyone from slimy ghosts to Chinese food delivery dudes” message, and a portrayal of friendship better than any girl squad you’ve ever seen, and I declare this reboot worthy.


Don’t be afraid. I won’t smite you. Probably.

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