Have you listened to Lemonade? You should listen to Lemonade. I’m not a member of the #BeyHive, and I typically wouldn’t give a fig about a Beyoncé album, but Lemonade is really good. And the song Daddy Lessons is too good to miss. This is not a video of the album, just a preview.



Buh bye, Harper! Hello, change!

In celebration of this momentous occasion, I present to you some of the truly inspired anti-Harper songs that have been released during this election. Enjoy with a glass of RED wine!

Blue Rodeo, Stealin’ All My Dreams

Cathy Cook, Stephen Harper Hates Me

Cathy Cook, Stephen Harper Hates Me Too

Chilliwack with the Henderson Girls, Take Back This Land

Kanada Day, Crime Minister

Hey Rosetta! and Yukon Blonde, Land You Love

The Caravan, What Up Steve?

Tony Turner, Harperman

(Because of this song, Tony Turner, a federal scientist with Environment Canada, was put on administrative leave. He eventually retired rather than wait out an investigation.)


I’ve added a few things to my portfolio. Can you find them?

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For your trouble: here’s one of my favourite songs at the moment.

Annabel by the Duhks

Annabel, Annabel, where did you go?
I’ve looked high and Ive looked low
I’ve looked low and Ive looked high
Tell me where does the spirit go when you die?
Oh where does the spirit go when you die?

I have packed your satin gloves and lace
All the pictures of your pretty face
And I kept the ones of you on skates
And a picture from your wedding day

Annabel Annabel way up high
Are you kissing the starry birds in the sky?
Will you come and visit us down below?
Oh Annabel Annabel where did you go
Annabel where did you go?

You will miss the humming of the spring
And the winter wont mean anything
And the summer is a lonesome dale
I am lost without you Annabel
I have lost my faith in everything
Annabel Annabel are you free?
Will you wrap me in your legacy?
In a blanket with your sweet perfume
I am always thinking thoughts of you.

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