Buh bye, Harper! Hello, change!

In celebration of this momentous occasion, I present to you some of the truly inspired anti-Harper songs that have been released during this election. Enjoy with a glass of RED wine!

Blue Rodeo, Stealin’ All My Dreams

Cathy Cook, Stephen Harper Hates Me

Cathy Cook, Stephen Harper Hates Me Too

Chilliwack with the Henderson Girls, Take Back This Land

Kanada Day, Crime Minister

Hey Rosetta! and Yukon Blonde, Land You Love

The Caravan, What Up Steve?

Tony Turner, Harperman

(Because of this song, Tony Turner, a federal scientist with Environment Canada, was put on administrative leave. He eventually retired rather than wait out an investigation.)

What to do in the event you wake up Tuesday morning and Stephen Harper is still Prime Minister

I stole this because it’s funny, and terrifyingly possible that I may have to refer to it on Tuesday.

Drinking Tips for Teens

[sigh...] [sigh…] 1. Remain calm.

2. Check for structural damage.

3. Be prepared for aftershocks and gloating.

4. Deal with any minor injuries, including cuts, sprains and ideological collapse.

5. Take two minutes to weep in silence behind closed doors so as not to alarm the children.

6. Eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast, because breakfast is the most important meal of the next four years of fear-driven dogma and social alienation.

7. Listen to the radio for further instructions. If it’s CBC Radio, you better make it quick.

8. Stay away from downed power lines, washouts, Twitter and Facebook.

9. If you begin to hyperventilate, take a plain paper bag, open it, fill it with large sums of 50-dollar bills and mail it to the member of the Senate representing your region.

10. Try to find out who is the member of the Senate representing your region.

11. Stock up…

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