Cover Design is Groovy

Cover design is one of my favourite things about working in publishing. While it’s not part of my job description, I still love watching our designer go through his creative process and seeing the different stages and iterations of his designs. It’s interesting how an idea grows and changes, is discarded and revisited. And ultimately, a book’s design is a huge part of the reason browsers in bookstores pick up a copy, or online shoppers click on that link—it’s important and, if done well, captivating. So, for Christmas, I give you a list of links to the year’s best cover designs (according to people much a little bit more important than I).  Merry Holidays!

(Oh, and just so you don’t forget that this is, in fact, the blog for my portfolio, here are the few covers that I have designed/re-imagined. My mom says they’re the best.)

The New York Times Best Book Covers of 2014

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