The Piano Shop on the Left Bank by Thad Carhart


A stunning love letter to pianos:

“We invest it with our dreams, we touch it offhandedly as we walk by, we crown it with favorite photos and treasured objects until it becomes a kind of domestic shrine. But when it is gone from our lives, it can’t really be replaced, not for what it encompasses as part of life’s progress … We can start over and a good instrument will still open the way to the realm of music. But the associative power of this thing, this great hulk of wood and metal, resides in the individual specimen.”

The reverence with which he writes makes me yearn for my own piano (which currently sits no more than 15 feet away).

Finally, no. 11 on my challenge—only because I thought it lost forever.

And with that, on the very last day of 2015, I complete my very first year-long book challenge. Happy New Years!

The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway


I do believe I’ll read more Hemingway in the future. I quite enjoy his witty characters and staccatoed sentences.

Besides, he wrote this: “I drank a bottle of wine for company … A bottle of wine was good company.” I think we would have gotten along splendidly.

No. 25 on my challenge. This year marks its 90th year.