This week was kind of momentous, and I have the perfect Throwback Thursday post to celebrate. Published in May 2012, this was the last article I ever wrote for the Virden Empire-Advance. Though I was taking distance courses from SFU the entire time I was living and working in Manitoba, my decision to uproot my life, leave family and friends, and move to Vancouver was really the beginning of what ended so momentously this week. So, for your reading pleasure:

So Long, Farewell—A Love Letter to My Readers

When I was in university, studying my Bachelor of Arts in English, I was constantly pestered by my family (Dad in particular) about the possibility of moving home after school and working for a newspaper indefinitely. Every time, I adamantly refused that as a possibility. No way was I going to be a reporter.

Now, that may seem like an odd intro for an editorial written by a staff reporter, but please, allow me to explain myself. I’ll start at the beginning (sort of).

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Who wants to read one of my old articles?

You do. I know you do.

Around the World in Eleven Years

Eleven years and two months, 51 pairs of shoes, three buggies and continuous support from his family—these are the things required for Montreal native Jean Béliveau to walk 75,000 kilometres across 64 countries and five continents around the world. On Friday, May 27, 2011, the world wide walker passed through Virden [Manitoba] on his way home.

Unhappy with his working career, Béliveau was running in his Montreal neighbourhood one day late in 1999 when he offhandedly wondered how long it would take him to reach New York, and then Mexico. Returning home, Béliveau researched the distances and, just like that, his dream to walk around the world was born.

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I have lived on the west coast for nearly four years now and, despite the fact that there have been reports of a few incidents in the last few years, I have yet to feel the tremors of an earthquake. I have, however, written an article about one.

If you’ve done some sleuthing on this site, you may have already read this article, but since I know that most of you haven’t (unfortunately, the sad statistics are reported to me), I thought I’d dangle it in front of you like a carrot. So here you go… maybe you’ll learn something.

Crisis in Christchurch

When John and Dianne Liefso of Virden, Manitoba, booked their vacation to New Zealand, the last thing they expected was to find themselves sitting in a booth in a pizza joint in Christchurch, holding on to a table for dear life amidst the roar and rumble of an earthquake. Expected or not, that’s exactly where they ended up.

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