Straight Outta Compton


So you know that producer who released those fancy headphones that cost and arm and a leg? And the angry police chief in 21 Jump Street? This movie is about them.

(That was my only frame of reference going in to this. And then…)

I am in awe of the casting director for this movie. It started with the kid playing Ice Cube—he looked and acted and rapped so remarkably like the real Ice Cube that I started looking up pictures of the cast against photos of the real members of NWA to compare, and damn, casting did a fantastic job rooting out actors for this biopic. (When I found out that the Ice Cubes are father and son I was a little less impressed, but only a little.) And then I started listening to NWA (not at work, of course, definitely NSWF) and Ice Cube’s early stuff and Dr. Dre’s Chronic album and I get it now. Shit’s good.

(Mom, Gma, you’re not going to like it.)

Kennedy, I think I understand you just a little bit better now. (But just a little bit. I’ll never understand Kanye.)



Don’t be afraid. I won’t smite you. Probably.

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