13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi


This was nothing if not a Michael Bay film, and I unabashedly love Michael Bay films. I also love movies based on true stories, films about heroism, brotherhood, and war, and a lot of action, so this movie got two thumbs way way up from me. Not to mention John Krasinski’s talent and general appearance.

Straight Outta Compton


So you know that producer who released those fancy headphones that cost and arm and a leg? And the angry police chief in 21 Jump Street? This movie is about them.

(That was my only frame of reference going in to this. And then…)

I am in awe of the casting director for this movie. It started with the kid playing Ice Cube—he looked and acted and rapped so remarkably like the real Ice Cube that I started looking up pictures of the cast against photos of the real members of NWA to compare, and damn, casting did a fantastic job rooting out actors for this biopic. (When I found out that the Ice Cubes are father and son I was a little less impressed, but only a little.) And then I started listening to NWA (not at work, of course, definitely NSWF) and Ice Cube’s early stuff and Dr. Dre’s Chronic album and I get it now. Shit’s good.

(Mom, Gma, you’re not going to like it.)

Kennedy, I think I understand you just a little bit better now. (But just a little bit. I’ll never understand Kanye.)