Jurassic World


Oh boy. I had so many questions while watching this movie—the two most important, and subsequently most uttered, being: “Who the hell was in charge of Jessica Chastain’s Bryce Dallas Howard’s costume?” and “Wait! What? WHY?!”—but ultimately I enjoyed myself entirely.

If you can totally suspend your disbelief (and I mean totally… like, past the point of dinosaurs reborn and all the way to the point of actively deciding not to evacuate a theme park full of thousands of people when a world of super-huge, pointy-toothed dinosaurs are accidentally released among them) then yeah, this is definitely worth the watch.

Guardians of the Galaxy


I have seen this movie five or six times now and my favourite parts remain those in which Peter Quill is singing and dancing. His dance off with Ronan is the very best. “Ooh oooh child, things are gonna get easier.”