Me Before You


Despite knowing that Jojo Moyes wrote the screenplay—or perhaps because of it—I was disappointed in how much detail was left out of the movie. While I understand the desire to make this adaptation a light-to-medium-weight-hearted, tear-jerking chick flick that appeals to the tissue-bearing masses, by glossing over, condensing and cutting so much of the book’s content, quite a bit was lost in translation.

That said, it still bears the message that death with dignity is an important issue, and will probably also serve as a jumping point for important conversations in personal and public settings.

So basically, my biggest issue is that, despite the adorably awkward genius of Emilia Clarke and the understated brilliance of Sam Clafin, the book was better than the movie.

But isn’t it always?

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

MeBeforeYou.JojoMoyesI feel very strongly about the subject matter of this book. I support death with dignity, and I believe it’s an important issue that should be discussed and considered on a personal and individual level. This novel may have started a conversation for a lot of people, and I think Moyes does a fantastic job portraying a cast of characters—each of whom has a unique perspective on the issue that is supported both emotionally and intellectually (and sometimes hysterically)—that readers can connect with. No matter how you feel about the issue, Moyes gives you a mother, father, sister, friend, or caregiver to grab on to for support while Will Traynor does whatever the hell he wants (which is exactly how it should be).

I didn’t love this novel as much as The Girl You Left Behind (the only other Moyes title I’ve read), but I do think it was a worthy read. I’m glad she tackled the topic.

No. 14 on my challenge—I must say, I’m looking forward to this movie.