Me Before You


Despite knowing that Jojo Moyes wrote the screenplay—or perhaps because of it—I was disappointed in how much detail was left out of the movie. While I understand the desire to make this adaptation a light-to-medium-weight-hearted, tear-jerking chick flick that appeals to the tissue-bearing masses, by glossing over, condensing and cutting so much of the book’s content, quite a bit was lost in translation.

That said, it still bears the message that death with dignity is an important issue, and will probably also serve as a jumping point for important conversations in personal and public settings.

So basically, my biggest issue is that, despite the adorably awkward genius of Emilia Clarke and the understated brilliance of Sam Clafin, the book was better than the movie.

But isn’t it always?

How to be Single


Well, shock me, shock me, shock me, Dakota Johnson isn’t terrible in this movie. Actually, between the many hilarious and outrageous moments (of which Rebel Wilson is queen), both Johnson and Wilson’s characters—and the movie in general—were surprisingly insightful. I got hit by a few truth bombs that I did not see coming.

And, true to form of multi-narrative films (think: He’s Just Not That Into You and Valentine’s Day), it was stacked with talented and comedic stars who could hold their own scenes. A chick flick for the win, right here.

Barely Lethal


A movie about a rogue teenage secret agent who runs away from her super covert assassin school to attend regular high school, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Alba, that chick who plays Sansa Stark, and Louis Litt’s scary fiancée Sheila sounds awesome, right? Too bad it wasn’t. Watch ONLY if you enjoyed Prom.



It took me a while to figure out why the kid looked so familiar. Then BAM! He’s in the Hannah Montana movie. Obviously. In other news, I have no idea what genre this is supposed to be. It might be a teen dance movie. It might be trying [very hard but not so successfully] to be more than that.