Games with All Lit Up – Cycling

After four weeks of competition—and some pretty amazing/head-shakingly bad sports puns—our PanLit Games are coming to a close with one final category: we’re taking it to the streets! No, we’re not talking dance (although that would have been amazing), we’re talking about cycling. Road cycling, popular since the late 1800s, is a test of stamina and strategy as teams work together to cross that finish line. Our PanLit Games contestants are all “spokes” people who have had the stamina and strength to write about important topics and themes. Let’s see who gets a breakaway. —All Lit Up

We’re here. We’ve done it, All Lit Up. I love you to the end. (Or was that the Pogues?)

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Games with All Lit Up – Synchronized Swimming / Baseball / Gymnastics

I finish what I start (unless, of course, I lose interest in season 7 of the Netflix show I’m binge watching, or the book I’m reading falls behind my dresser and my arms are too short to reach it—rest in peace, The Piano Shop on the Left Bank—or I’m bored with the pencil crayon colours I chose for my adult colouring pages). So, like a tube of sour cream and onion Pringles, that 40 of rye in my freezer, and my masters degree, I will finish these PanLit Games posts. Better late than never:

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Games with All Lit Up – Golf

Welcome to another late entry.

We credit the sport of golf with a lot: wearing multiple, differing prints at once; our first summer jobs shilling drinks to thirsty golfers; and driving in tiny cars instead of walking. We’ll also give it the hole-in-one, a thing that almost never happens in real golf (we think?) but nonetheless symbolizes doing something amazing on your first try. Give us a mulligan on our deplorable golf knowledge and check out these incredible collections of short fiction that have all been recognized … for some hole-in-one storytelling. —All Lit Up

I have never been much of a reader of short stories. Not because I don’t like them, but because I never thought to read them. It wasn’t until I started working at B&G and read the work of the wonderful Julie Paul that I understood the pull of the short story. Now I get it. Since that first time I’ve read two more collections and I eagerly await my monthly newsletter from Little Fiction (if you haven’t visited before, you definitely should).

So, without further ado, the three short story collections I’ve read (all of which have been hole-in-one, as you can see by their astounding reviews):

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Games with All Lit Up – Pentathlon

We don’t know about you, but the modern pentathlon seems exhausting. Like, makes us want to sit down and take a nap just thinking about it. What is the pentathlon, you ask? We had to do some research as well. The modern pentathlon is actually meant to stimulate the diverse skills a 19th century cavalry officer would require, including fencing, swimming, equestrian, running, and shooting. And all these events take place in one day (like we said, exhausting). It may not take us a full day to read the titles of today’s contenders but their titles are a mouthful, giving readers a pretty clear idea of the diverse range of topics to be found within their covers. —All Lit Up

In preparation for this post I did some soul searching. I do believe that the longest title belonging to a book I’ve read is:

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Games with All Lit Up – Boxing

Turns out I’m not great with schedules—even those I set for myself. So here’s my Thursday post on Saturday.

Boxing has traditions that go back as far as ancient Rome and Greece but it wasn’t until the 1700s that rules were first introduced (eeeekkk!). These rules ushered in the modern era of boxing, with protective gear like gloves, timed rounds, and weight classes. The strength, speed, and quick footwork required to excel in boxing really shines in the tournament style, single elimination bouts at the Games. We’re about to have a rapid-fire tournament of books ourselves to see which title has the best, most precise monologue that will knock out the competition. —All Lit Up

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Games with All Lit Up – Discus Throw

Discus was played at the earliest Olympic Games in Ancient Greece. We’re no sports experts, but it’s basically a heavy frisbee thrown vertically that no one catches (aka ancient frolf). Likewise, the art of debate, Socratic or otherwise, has been around for millenia. But un-likewise, you’d definitely want to catch these “discus”sion-prompting book athletes, ones that are guaranteed to make you think for at least a thousand more years. —All Lit Up

I submit to you the entire line of manifestos from Rocky Mountain Books. Twenty very well written non-fiction titles that are excellent at exercising everything from your emotions and sensibilities to your beliefs and passions. They are meant to “encourage debate and facilitate change whenever and wherever possible.”

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Games with All Lit Up

I love All Lit Up (the Literary Press Group’s platform for buying, sharing, and collecting CanLit). They have an amazing blog where they showcase a lot of great Canadian talent, and they sell ebooks and print at the publishers prices so the authors get to make more money. For these reasons and more, I’ll be doing their PanLit Games:


7/7: Discus Throw, or most thought provoking reads for “discus”ion. (All Lit Up / Tori)

7/9: Boxing, or best knock-out monologue. (All Lit Up / Tori)

7/14: Pentathlon, or most words in a title. (All Lit Up / Tori)

7/16: Golf, or hole-in-one short story collection. (All Lit Up / Tori)

7/21: Synchronized Swimming, or best book pairing. (All Lit Up / Tori)

7/23: Baseball, or best ensemble cast. (All Lit UpTori)

7/28: Gymnastics, or most colourful performance by a cover. (All Lit UpTori)

7/30: Cycling, or best “spokes” person. (All Lit Up / Tori)

So stay tuned for each Tuesday and Thursday of July for my two cents on these topics, starting tomorrow.