My friend the photographer

I have an insanely talented photographer friend. His name is Alexander Torres. He was born in Venezuela, attended high school in England, studied in Montreal, and now lives in Vancouver working in the film industry. I think that his experience as a traveler shows in his work. He is incredibly talented. See for yourself.

If you’re inspired to share his work, please also give him the credit. Link back to him.

Loving this project by @lifeserial

I found this post by Matt Allard on The Millions and I love it:

“In an effort to merge two loves of mine—writing and photography—I recently began this photo series that pairs snippets of novels with fun visuals that expand upon their cover art. To see more of the ongoing series and the prose captions that accompany each image, please follow @lifeserial and check out my #lifeserialreads tag on Instagram.”

Broken Monsters The Goldfinch Reunion The First Bad Man

Click on the photos to find the original article with more covers.