Ramble Ramble Rosie

Have I told you about my friend Rosie? She’s very smart, and very funny, and my partner in crime when it comes to creating book challenges. She recently started a bookstagram account, too, and it’s simply gorgeous. If you aren’t following her already, you should be.


Killin’ it

My friend Alexandra Forman is an incredibly talented artist and makeup artist. Since 2014, she has made a habit of unveiling extraordinary Halloween makeup during the last week of October. I was impressed from the get go, but with tonight’s reveal (the last photo) she blew me out of the water and I had to share. Here are her looks, starting from 2014. Prepare to be amazed:

Abe! Freaking! Lincoln! This girl is killin’ it.

My friend the photographer

I have an insanely talented photographer friend. His name is Alexander Torres. He was born in Venezuela, attended high school in England, studied in Montreal, and now lives in Vancouver working in the film industry. I think that his experience as a traveler shows in his work. He is incredibly talented. See for yourself.

If you’re inspired to share his work, please also give him the credit. Link back to him.