Unabrow: Misadventures of a Late Bloomer by Una LaMarche

Unabrow. Una LaMarche.

Una LaMarche is my spirit animal. She has a “Shit List Bingo” card that calls out the “lotto bitch who never calls your numbers,” and “people who misplace apostrophe’s like moron’s.” I love her.

No. 3 on my challenge (obviously).

Bookish Alphabet

This seemed like fun, so I stole it from HiddenStaircase. It’s rather self explanatory.

Author You’ve Read The Most Books From
Either Janet Evanovich or Sandra Brown. Don’t judge me. I am a voracious reader of all sorts.

Best Sequel Ever
A Wolf at the Table by Augusten Burroughs. Though technically not a sequel, it was the second book of his that I read about his family, and it is amazing. The portrait he paints of his father is chilling. And yet, I read Look Me in the Eye by his older brother John Elder Robison and, according to him, their father is totally sane. Nonetheless, they’re both great books.

Currently Reading
Unabrow: Misadventures of a Late Bloomer by Una LaMarche. It’s absolutely hilarious. Also: a manuscript for work, Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt, and The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley, though I admit I haven’t picked up either of the last two in a while.

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“Enough with the Harry Potter already!”

Alright, none of you have actually said this to my face intimated this through comments (or lack thereof) and passive aggressive vibes, but I just took a look through my posts since February, and yeah, a lot of them are Harry Potter related. Most, actually. But that’s because I finally discovered the series. I’m 27. It took me too damn long to figure out that I should read Harry Potter (even young children know how amazing it is). But once I did, I guess you could say that I enjoyed it. Every withering look Hermione gave Ron and Harry, every time Neville lost Trevor, every tear Hagrid shed, every snide comment Malfoy uttered, every trick Peeves played, hell, even Harry’s brooding teenage years struck a chord with me. Every. Single. Page. But I’ve finished it now. I’m done. We’re done.

It must have been love, but it’s over now. I’m moving on. And I’m doing it with Una LaMarche and her Unabrow. I have a feeling we’ll be tremendously happy together.