Fantastic Four


More like Catastrophic Quatre, amiright?!

I was ignoring the reviews because, you know, Miles Teller. I thought: How bad can it be? Especially since Jamie Bell and Kate Mara and that new Michael Jordan are in it, too. But man, it’s bad. It’s so bad. It’s not even so bad it’s good. It’s just bad.


2 responses to “Fantastic Four”

  1. I saw part of this in the theatre, we had to leave before it was over to pick up my sister from the airport, but I didn’t think it was thaaat bad. I’ve never seen any F4 before but I was enjoying the origin story. Miles Teller and Michael Jordan are both fun to watch, even though they’re clearly not a-list actors. Maybe when the villain comes into the picture it worsens a lot, as it was pretty cheesy and predictable, but it’s definitely not the worst thing Hollywood has put out ever, or even this month, amiright Pixels? (Disclaimer: I have not nor will I ever watch that movie) I guess I can see how tumblr is full of peeps saying it’s terrible, but it seemed like a bit more of an effort then lots of movies now a days, and that makes me sad. I really miss good movies 😦

    1. See, that was partially my problem. Miles Teller is on his way to becoming an a-list actor, and if his performance in Whiplash is a glimpse of the talent he possess, he could be absolutely amazing. But he was terrible in this movie. It’s like he forgot how to act. Or he just didn’t care enough about the movie to even try. And it definitely does get worse after Doom comes in. Way worse. I, too, miss good movies.

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