I knew it!

The first review of Jenny Lawson’s Furiously Happy has just been posted by Kirkus Reviews! Obviously, they loved it. I knew it’d be amazing. I’ll be waiting in line at the store for this book.

Review highlights:

“Rather than hiding the facts, she openly divulges, in a darkly humorous way, how she copes…”

“Along with discussions about taxidermic giraffes and raccoons, whether cats yawn, and mobs of swans attacking her…”

“Passing out during a gynaecological exam because she’s afraid of medical coats…”

“The details are sometimes graphic…but always honest and usually funny.”

“Her goal is not to offend, although…”

“Her amusing essays open up a not-so-funny topic: mental illness in its many guises.”


Furiously Happy. Jenny Lawson. The Bloggess.

I heart blogs

Recently I’ve been stumbling upon a lot of blogs that I love. And because I ignored the rules of my Creative Blogger Award nomination, I thought I’d share a few of them with you. Until my blog is as great as these, this is going to be me:


I could tell you why I love them, but I’m going to let you discover on your own (how many times do I have to tell you that I’m lazy as sin?). These are them:

Victoria Elizabeth BarnesTipsy LitLittle FictionNaptime WritingOver Exposed and Underdeveloped, Transient Eye, Skeptical ReaderLongreadsWish I Were HerePicturetteDave MottramBeautiful HelloInkjotPost It Notes from my Idiot BossHighest Form of Whit, Exploratorius.

There are more (obviously I love all the blogs on my reader), but this is good for now. Visit, them, follow them, and let me know what you think!

I’ve managed to fool someone into thinking I’m creative

Because I’m terrible I nearly forgot all about my nomination from the wonderful Sam at bellsiebooks for the Creative Blogger Award. Please, no one tell her that what she thinks is creativity is really just laziness.

The Creative Blogger Award

Now, there are rules for this award, but I’m a rule-breaker by nature (this could be true. You don’t know.) so I’m only going to follow half of them. I’m supposed to thank my nominator. Check. Then share five facts about myself. See below. Then finish up by nominating 15-20 blogs and let them know. These are the rules I’m breaking because pretty much every blog on my reader has been nominated for one award or another in the last few months and it’s hard to come up with that many new blogs you love. So if you’ve participated in the Creative Blogger Award, please share the link to your post below. If you’d like to participate in this award, please consider this your nomination. If you’d just like to share five random facts about yourself, march on my friend and share, share, share.

I played bassoon in high school band. My brother and cousin played trombones, another cousin played saxophone, and my sister-in-law played clarinet in the same band. We. Were. Awesome.
2. I talk to strangers all the time. On trains, at bus stops, waiting in line at the coffee shop, meeting people in the middle of a crosswalk, filling up my gas tank… all over the place. I’m probably going to get kidnapped one day.
3. It’s entirely possible that I’m allergic to raw vegetables, but I don’t care. Green beans and peas make my throat itchy, carrots make my tongue taste tinny, and cucumbers make my cheeks feel weird. I’m going to keep eating them.
4. I’m a doodler who can’t doodle. I have no artistic talent when it comes to drawing, but my notes in university were covered in geometric figures and patterned pages. One day I’ll learn to draw… something.
5. I absolutely love portrait photography. Some of my favourites: Danny SantosSteve McCurryRobert Maschke, Jeremy FokkensLee Jeffries.

Thank you for playing. And thanks for the nomination, Sam!


Hi. I’m Tori. I read a lot of books and watch a lot of movies. I’m not one to write an in-depth review—no one really cares what I have to say anyway—but I’m happy to share my thoughts in the form of one-liners (or two-liners… you gotta give me some leeway).

I will not write about any of the books published by the companies I work for—they’d put the others to shame and that’s just rude—and I will not employ a rating system because I’m much too lazy. I will, however, tag each post with ‘take it‘, ‘leave it‘, or ‘take it or leave it‘. Do with that what you will. Feel free to let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments. I probably won’t smite you if our opinions differ. Probably. 

Now pay attention. There will be a quiz when we’re done.