Quoted: The Witches of New York

He shook his head. “A skeptic is only interested in being right. I’m interested in finding the truth.”

“Even if there’s a chance your theories are wrong?”

“Especially then, because it means I might be on my way to discovering something new.”

Quoted: The Three Musketeers


D’Artagnan, the original playa:

Do not depend upon me, madame, for the next meeting; since my convalescence I have so many affairs of this kind on my hands, that I am forced to regulate them a little. When your turn comes, I shall have the honour to inform you of it. I kiss your hands.

Poor Lady DeWinter (ha!).

Quoted: Undermajordomo Minor


The position (Mr Olderglough assigned it the name of undermajordomo, which Lucy and Father Raymond decided was not a word at all) was lowly and the pay mirrored this but Lucy, having nothing better to do, and nowhere in the world to be … embraced his fate and wrote back to Mr Olderglough, formally accepting the offer, a decision which led to many things, including but not limited to true love, bitterest heartbreak, bright-white terror of the spirit, and an acute homicidal impulse.

How could I possibly put this book down after a set up like that?!

All the Books

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“Tori, you haven’t reviewed a book in over a month. Are you all right? Has someone robbed you of your TBR pillars? Have you sustained a terrible blow to the head, making you illiterate and only able to review movies by dictating them to friends and coworkers? Have you given up on your 2016 book challenge already?”

To these questions and more, dear readers, I say “No. But thank you for your concern.”

I’ve been reading, all right. I’ve just been reading ALL THE BOOKS at once. See:


These are my current reads:

  • Soulless by Gail Carriger
  • Nomfiction edited by Little Fiction | Big Truths
  • Green Hills of Africa by Ernest Hemingway
  • Be Frank with Me by Julia Claiborne Johnson
  • Emily Carr As I Knew Her by Carol Pearson
  • Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs

At least four of them will be included in my book challenge, one is for work, and the other is just too good not to read right now. Any guesses as to which is which? Here’s my challenge for reference.